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Architecture Models



Architecture Models

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Expert Service

We will create a scaled model for you that will identically match the full-scale project that you are working on. What you use the model for is up to you but no matter the use case you and your client's expectations will be exceeded. You can use the model for display, to intrigue potential clients about what you have to offer. Another idea that our clients like, is to use the model for complimentary gifts in addition to their client's purchase. It is even common for our clients to sell the model in addition to the original purchase by the client.

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The Process

  1. Send us a Revit or Sketchup plus step file for the proposed model. 

  2. We will examine the design and respond with a quote range. This initial quote will help you decide if the model is financially feasible, prior to us performing any work. (2-3 business days)

  3. Upon approval of the model from you, we will then begin the design conversion process. (1-2 weeks)

  4. The design is once again examined by you. We will have these conversations over email or video call. If we have any 3D printing roadblocks, this is when we will explain our plan to tackle those challenges. (1 week)

  5. We will provide the final quote as well as an invoice for 50% of the cost. 

  6. The model will then be printed and the final invoice with the remaining 50% will be sent over upon delivery. (1-2 weeks)



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Endless Possibilities

Our wide range of capabilities enables us to stand by our motto "You Imagine, We Create.” We have over ten printers with unique capabilities and experience printing with eleven different materials, ranging from flexible to carbon strength. We have no trouble producing a functional and visually pleasing prototype. 

We also assist with any design work that may be necessary. Our design team is proficient in CAD modeling prototypes and Fusion 360. We can edit your designs or create designs based on your vision. We are driven by your imagination.


Replacement Parts

3D printing, also known as rapid prototyping, is perfect for replacement parts. With our expertise, we will make sure that replacing your broken piece is quick and easy. With the numerous materials we have on hand, we are certain we can give you a replacement part that will last. When you work with us, we can find the perfect fix together.


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