A partnership with Newport Collaborative Architects

A Customer Story

Newport Collaborative Architects (NCA) is a small company with its headquarters in Newport, Rhode Island. Glenn Gardiner, partner, met Keydell at a fundraising event hosted by Fab Newport. Gardiner was looking for a 3D architectural model that NCA could use when pitching their hotel idea to the Town Council of Block Island. Aquidneck Fabrication was the perfect fit.

Gardiner was looking for intricate detail on a relatively small model and he needed the model in a short amount of time. Aquidneck Fabrication was able to deliver on both those needs. Gardiner fondly remarks that Aquidneck Fabrication showed persistence and patience, even prior to solidifying a plan with NCA, something that made Aquidneck Fabrication stand out from other 3D printing companies. Communicating with Aquidneck Fabrication is easy and seamless and we are able to turn sketches into 3D models on a tight timeline. Gardiner found that the end product was of "very high quality," and added that having a 3D model helped the Block Island community understand the project from a physical standpoint, "rather than just on a Revit screen." The model made the project more real.