• Natalie Huntoon

Art and Technology Collide

3D printing is quickly becoming a cost-efficient way to produce personalized pieces of art.

Not unlike AQF, artists can use 3D printed models to show clients what a finished sculpture or piece of artwork will look like. Kevin Caron of Kevin Caron Studios in Phoenix, Arizona explains, "I use them as models or maquettes, to show patrons. It's something to have on their desks to show off while a sculpture is being created."

Other artists, like Julian Voss-Andreae incorporate 3D printing directly into the finished pieces. When commissioned to create a six-foot-tall figure for Georgia Tech, he used 3D printing to tackle the large piece in subdivisions, as seen below.

Aquidneck Fabrication has decided to add 3D printed art to is technological repertoire. We are focussing primarily on 3D printed wall art. These pieces are lightweight, easy to hang and come in a variety of shapes and patterns to match whatever style you are looking to inspire in a space.

Here are a few of the many types of pieces we offer!


Aquidneck Fabrication has added 3D-printed art to one of its many versatile services.

Visit our new art shop to buy a piece today!

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