• Natalie Huntoon

How to Style Your 3D Printed Wall Art

So you want to purchase your first piece of 3D printed art! What's next?

Size Matters

Aquidneck Fabrication can meet all your interior decorating expectations with its ability to make custom designs and we can print in various sizes. Each piece comes in a small (6 sq. inches), medium (12 sq. inches) or large (18 sq. inches) option. This enables you to make your art either a small detail apart of a larger collection or the main focal point in a room. For example, our corgi print can fit in a small frame and make your space feel a bit more homey.

Customize, Customize, Customize

In addition to size, you can also choose what color you would like your print to be. All our prints come in black, grey, white, red, blue, orange, yellow, and green. Perhaps if you want your print to be the centerpiece of a room, you have it printed in the full 18 inches and in our fiery red. Or if you're decorating your home by the ocean, you get an anchor printed in blue. Or check out the lion below printed in gray!

Our 3D printed wall art can completely transform a space to make it feel more you!

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